Dissertations and Theses

Jessica Davis
"Faces of DIsplacement:  An Inquiry into Gentrification Processes in Atlanta and Boston Neighborhoods"

Kameka Miller
"A Quantitative Analysis of Water Main Improvements in Southern Cities Through the Use of Capital Improvement Projects"

Keishelle Jones-Reynaud
"The Resurgence of Urban Planning:  A Responsive Strategy to Addressing Crime in the Wake of Natural Disasters, Hurricane Katrina (1995-2015)"

Mercy Nguavese Shenge
"A Study of the Role of Selected Urban Parks for Flash Flood Mitigation in Central and South Tuscon, Arizona (2006-2016)"

Fredrick K. Tate
"Variations on Revitalizing Historic Districts:  A Multiple Case Study of Sweet Auburn, Beale, and Farish"

Charles Husband
"Public Transit Planning and Practice:  A Review of Instituted Practices

LuFunya Porter
"Geriatric Perspectives of Socio-Economic Factors Affecting Affordable Housing for Elderly African-Americans in Five of the Poorest Counties in the Mississippi Delta"

Bennetta Robinson
"A Transboundary Analysis of Water Parameters:  Assessing the Impacts of Land Cover on Water Conditions in the Apalachicola Chattahoochee Flint River Basin"

Joan Blanton
"A Study of the Effectiveness of A Collaborative Planning Process:  The Post Katrina Design Charrette"

Mae Blackmon-Henry
"Planning for Health:  A Case Study of the Health Food Financing Initiative in Spartanburg, SC"

Tanaucha Singleton-Lewis
"The Housing Consumption Commute Costs Perspective:  An Investigation of Urban Spatial Patterns in U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas"

Jasmine Williams-Washington
"Urban Slums to Thriving Urban Centers:  The Impact of Queer Space in East Atlanta Village, Midtown, Little Five Points, and Inman Park" Neighborhoods in Atlanta, Georgia"

M.A. 2016 THESIS
Arash Ghahramani
"Public Transportation:  A Review of Bus Rapid Transit System and Its Application to Jackson, Mississippi"

Sara Hidouk
"Strategic Planning Guidelines for the Urban Metropolitan Expansion of Algiers, Algeria"

Valerie Purry
"Formerly Incarcerated Females and their Unique Challenges in the Search for Community and Housing in Mississippi"

Daphine Foster

"Advocating Historic Housing Tax Credits to Individuals wh Own and Live in Pre-1960 Housing to Assist in Alleviating Housing"

Chuck Patrick
"Geospatial Decision Support System to Evaluate Energy Considerations for Regional Comprehensive Planning Practices"

Carrielyn Acey
"The Effects of Home Subsidized Projects on the Stabilization of Mississippi Communities"

Adrian Brown
"The Impact of the B.B. King Museum & Delta Interpretive Center of Community Development Within Indianola Mississippi"

LaShunda Calvert
"An Examination of How Public Policies are Made for Hazardous Pollutants Since the Nineteenth Century In America:  A Closer Look at Indoors Hazardous Pollutants"

Jeanne Mogusu
"An Evaluation of Transportation Asset Management Benefits:  A Four State Case Study Analysis"

Kelvin Stamps
"The Evolution of Managing the Mississippi River Watershed in Southeast Louisiana"

Patricia Dean-Wilson
"Going Green" Mandates and Certification Standards for Sound Environmental Planning Practices at Governmental and Contract Adult Correctional Facilities in the State of Mississippi"

Jeffery Virgil, II
"Urban Economic Development: The Impact That Recruitment and Retention of Industrial Business Has on the Socioeconomic Characteristics of the Urban Community in Three Southeastern Cities from 1990 Through 2010"

M.A. 2012 THESIS
Bryan Grove
"Mitigating Displacement:  Planning for Equitable Development within Future Gentrification in Jackson, MS"

Gary Crosby
"The Role of Three Community Development Corporations in the Revitalization of Housing in New Orleans, Louisiana's Lower 9th Ward Post-Hurricane Katrina"

M.A. 2011 THESIS
Justin Fritscher
"Using Urban Planning and Design to Reduce Sedimentation at the Ross Barnett Reservoir"