Abdelrahim Muna   Program and Budget Manager RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-0773
Abraham Ashley N. Associate Director / Chief Software Engineer Center for Defense Integrated Data MS e-Center / Costal Hazards Center at COE 979-1832
Akil Luma   Scientific Technician RCMI-CEH JSH 256 979-0261
Allen Shonda R. Associate Director, CCMSI Chemistry & Biochemistry FA 14 979-3723
Amouzandeh Vida   Secretary PASGS (Project MAST Program) JSH 321 979-0860
Bridges Paulette   Grant Coordinator Technology JYW 120 979-1228
Brown Robert J Animal care Tech. Biology JAP 450 979-1292
Crisler Shanetta   Secretary Civil & Environmental ENB 146 979-3913
Dasari Shareena   Postdoc Chemistry & Biochemistry JAP 515 979-4345
Dent, II Andrew L. Senior Clinical Analyst RTRN-DCC MS eCenter 979-0368
Drummond LaDonnya S Academic Advisement Coordinator/Instructor Biology JAP 323 979-7009
Garner, Jr. Solomon T Director of Research Resources and Research Networking RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-1680
Hall Sandra L Program Coordinator, NIH-MARC Chemistry & Biochemistry JAP 240 979-2087
Harris Kimberly L Secretary Biology JAP 335 979-2586
Hayes Traci T Director, Communications and Marketing RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-0333
Humphrey Jacqueline L Administrative Assistant CSET JAP 234 979-1055
Johnson Brenda F Executive Assistant to the Dean CSET ENB 201 979-3473
Johnson Inez   Coord of Admin. Services Environmental Sci PhD Program FA 23 979-2095   979-3321
Lee Jae Eun   Director of Statistics and Research development RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-0337
Li Hailong   Database Administrator RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-1090
Lobodina Galina A Lab Technician Chemistry & Biochemistry FA 14 979-3980
Longino III Caliph   Director of Technical Services CSET JAP 122 979-2366
Love-Kendrick Kristy S Undergraduate Program Coordinator CSET ENB 201 979-4044
Lowe-Austin La Shon N Administrative Assistant, Coastal Hazards Center of Excellence Civil & Environmental Engineering MS e-Center 979-1807
Mabry-Ashley Gretta A Office Manager Mathematics & Statistical Sciences JSH 225 979-2161
Malouhi Mohamad   Sr. Software Engineer RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-0332
Martin Constance N Program Manager First in the World Program JAP 106 979-0840
Meredith Queenie A Supply Room Manager Biology JAP 321 979-3479
Mohamad Malouhi   Sr. Software Engineer RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-0682
Ngare Alnida M Director of Clinical Data Services and Informatics CSET MS e-Center 979-0335
Omar Aldaoud   Associate Director RTRN-DCC Ms e-Center 979-1052
Pang Qing J Lab Instructor Electrical & Computer Engineering ENB 246 979-0975
Richardson Thomas W Deputy Director, Coastal Hazards Center of Excellence Civil & Environmental Engineering MS e-Center 979-1810
Rong Zhang   Electron Microscope Technician CSET JAP 105 979-0213
Smith Cary   Coordinator PASGS (Project MAST Program) JSH 321 979-3627
Tchounwou Martha M Director, Scholars Academy CSET ENB 207 979-1604
Tenner Candilyn M Administrative Assistant RCMI JAP 234 979-1055
Turner Travis J Programmer Analyst RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-0503
Wang Rong   Electric Microscope Technician Civil & Environmental Engineering JAP 104/105 979-0213
Washington La Shinda   Hazmat/Rad Officer CSET JAP 433 979-4315
Williams, Sr. Pablo F Information & Data Manager First in the World Program JAP 106 979-6815
Zhang Yazhou   Technician Chemistry & Biochemistry JAP 529 979-1650