5.1.6 Email Blasts

The Department of Public Relations uses the email blast as a means of internal communication to students, faculty, and staff.  The purpose of the email blast is to inform the campus community through fliers, stories, photos, briefs, etc. of immediate events that will occur or have occurred on campus.  The JSU Today email blast may only be used by entities directly related to, governed or sponsored by Jackson State University.


  • Announcements are not to occur more than five (5) times.  The sign administrator may extend the days if the nature of the event warrants.
  • The use of graphic or visuals is encouraged as much as possible.  For this reason, announcements should be followed by a link to a Web site, a graphic announcement or flier with more details, or a PDF hosted by a Web site.
  • Announcements to be included in the e-blast should be submitted by campus staff at least two weeks in advance to a member of the Public Relations staff.
  • Announcements should be submitted via email attachment in Microsoft Word, PDF or JPG format.
  • Messages must be approved by the Department of Public Relations to be added to the email blast.