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Entrepreneurship Course Descriptions

ENTR 380 (3) Foundations of Entrepreneurship. Prerequisites: Open to all majors. An introductory course designed to familiarize students with the world of small business, and analyze the personal strengths and weaknesses of students relative to launching a career in entrepreneurship. Attention is given to planning, financing, starting and managing a small business. Elective (F, S)

ENTR 381 (3) Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. Prerequisites: BPD 200, BPD 325W, MNGT 330 and Junior standing. Designed to prepare the entrepreneurship student for the general management role of the entrepreneur. Critical issues affecting entrepreneurship and small business management will be examined. (F, S & Sum)

ENTR 382 (3) Entrepreneurial Financing, Accounting, and Control. Prerequisites: BPD 325W, ENTR 381, FIN 320 and Junior standing. Explores the requirements, costs and benefits of various forms of financial options open to the entrepreneur. Special emphasis will be placed on finance issues of particular relevance to the minority entrepreneur, as well as funding sources for capital. (F)

ENTR 482 (3) Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures. Prerequisites: ENTR 381, 382, BPD 325W and Senior standing. Introduces the new entrepreneur to the importance and role of marketing strategies in creating and organizing a new business, as well as in existing small businesses. The major emphasis will be on ways to analyze and define the target market, evaluating competition, environmental trends, determining customer preference and developing a marketing strategy for the start-up or existing business. (S)

ENTR 483 (3) Marketing for Entrepreneurs. Prerequisites: MKT 351, MNGT 330, ENTR 381, 382 and Senior standing. Explores financing entrepreneurial companies at various phases of the life cycle. Students will also gain an understanding of what is in the numbers and how they reflect a specific strategy. (S)

ENTR 484 (3) Internship in Entrepreneurial Studies. Prerequisites: ENTR 381, 382, BPD 325W, Junior standing and departmental approval. Students will participate in a supervised work experience in simulated or real world business enterprises, consumer organizations or related professional agencies and new or emerging small business ventures which focus on the creation of jobs.  Professional dress is required. Elective-(F, S & Sum)

ENTR 485 (3) Entrepreneurship Senior Project. Prerequisites: Senior standing, ENTR 381, 382, 482, 483, BPD 325W and departmental approval. A capstone course that focuses on the development of a plan for a new business. Strategic planning for successful marketing and expansion will be stressed. Thorough planning of a venture will be required to include all components of a marketable business plan. Students will be expected to market the plan to actual sources of capital to secure potential financing for the venture. Also, they will be required to meet and work with successful entrepreneurs. (F)

ENTR 486 (3) Entrepreneurship and International Business. Prerequisites: Senior standing. Focuses on marketing orientation of the political, social, legal and economic environment of business. Students will study and develop marketing programs and how to incorporate these strategies to enhance a small business. (F)

ENTR 487 (3) Family Business Management. Prerequisites: ENTR 382 and Senior standing. Explores the unique challenges and opportunities present in managing a family business. Topics will include the decision to join the family firm, establishing credibility as a son or daughter, the stages of family business growth, strategic planning in the family firm, dealing with non-family managers, and succession. (S)

ENTR 488 (3) Strategies in Entrepreneurship. Prerequisites: Senior standing. Provides students with the opportunity to study and conduct research on special topics in entrepreneurship intensely and/or independently with the supervision of the instructor. (F)