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Material and Memory: A JSU Faculty Exhibition

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All are invited to an opening reception:
March 2nd | 6pm
Municipal Art Gallery | 839 N State Street, Jackson

The exhibition “Material and Memory,” which opens at 6 pm on March 2nd at the Municipal Art Gallery in Jackson MS, promises to be a dynamic and thought-provoking display of art. The exhibition brings together works by former and current faculty members from the Department of Art and Theatre at Jackson State University. Each brings expertise and creativity to the exhibition, with each showcasing their unique perspectives on the themes of light and memory.

Visitors will have the opportunity to witness the interplay between light and memory as explored through various media, from painting and drawing to ceramics, printmaking, assemblage art, and sculpture. Mark Geil, Charles Carraway, and Dr. Brittany Myburgh delve into the material quality of light, capturing it in their photography and painting, and exploring how it relates to our memories and communicates the past. Dr. Chalmers Mayers’ ‘Icon’ series similarly examines representation and identity in painting through portraiture, as does work by former faculty member Karl Griffin. Meanwhile, Hosik Kim and Hyun Kim explore the personal experience of memory through the materiality of clay, creating works that touch upon themes of Korean identity.

The exhibition also examines broader themes of history and representation, as explored in graphic design works by Kenyatta Stewart and an example of graphic illustration work by former faculty member John Jennings. Their works often bring attention to the ways in which memory is shaped by cultural and societal factors, and how it informs our understanding of the world around us. This is also true of Floyd Coleman’s works that employ drawing as a medium, and of Gordon Brockford’s historic photographs of Jackson.

Overall, this exhibition promises to be a rich and diverse display of contemporary art, exploring the themes of light and memory through a range of media and perspectives. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, student, or simply curious, this exhibition is a must-see for anyone interested in the ways in which we interact with our surroundings and understand the world around us.

This exhibition is free and open to the public. An opening reception and artist talk will be held on March 2nd from 6-7 pm.
The exhibition is available for viewing from March 2 -24th, 2023.