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Center for Research in Economic Education and Literacy in Finance (CREELF)

The Center for Research in Economic Education and Literacy in Finance (CREELF) is  established to provide an academic resource for public and private schools, K-12 teachers and students, and adult learners in the Urban Central Mississippi area. The specific purpose of the CREELF will promote the greater understanding of economics and finance in the U.S. economic system through educational outreach activities and research.  The center is founded on the belief that economic education, financial literacy and research are necessary components of any successful economic development program.  CREELF will conduct professional development programs for K-12 teachers and serve in a consulting capacity with public and private school systems in the Urban Central Mississippi area. These programs will place emphasis on economic education and financial literacy.  Such activities will not be directed toward the achievement of the purposes of any particular interest group, but will emphasize factual, comprehensive and nonpartisan programs stressing widely recognized principles of economics and financial literacy.

The CREELF is affiliated with the Mississippi Council on Economic Education (MCEE), and through it, affiliated with the Council for Economic Education (CEE).  The MCEE is one of 48 state-wide non-profit organizations dedicated to advancing economic education and financial literacy through academic centers located on college and university campuses.


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