Housing Accommodations

June 8th, 2015 by disability

Accommodations available:

·          Wheelchair-accessible room

·         Wheelchair-accessible shower

·         Lowered closet rods

·         Main-level room and/or avoidance of stairs

·         Wheelchair access to elevator

·         Wheelchair-accessible furnishings

·         Private restroom


Making a request

·         Establish an Accommodation Plan with the Disability Center.

·         Notify Disability Services for Housing Accommodations as early as possible.

·         Provide supporting documentation and an evaluation by an appropriate professional that                   relates the current impact of the disability to the request.

Documentation should include:
·         A diagnostic statement including the date of the most recent evaluation

·         A description of the diagnostic criteria or tests used

·         A statement about the current impact of (or limitations posed by) the disability

·         A statement about the expected duration, stability or progression of the disability

·         The credentials of the diagnosing professional

·         If possible, submit recommendations from the diagnosing/treating professional.

Recommendations should:

·         Provide a clear description of the recommended housing accommodation

·         Connect the recommendation to the impact of the disability

·         Suggest possible alternatives to the recommendation

·         Include a statement of the level of need for (or the consequences of not receiving) the                          recommended configuration

·         Submit requests for housing accommodations as early as possible for priority consideration.



For accessible housing Contact:

Monica Wall-Jones

 Director of Disability Services & ADA Compliance

Office Location:

2110 Student Center 2nd Floor

Office Phone: 601-979-3704 or Fax 601-979-6918

Email: monica.w.jones@jsums.edu