Faculty and Staff

Economics Faculty

Dr. Fidel Ezeala-Harrison, Interim Chair, Professor of Economics
(601) 979-2604 fidel.ezeala-harrison@jsums.edu





Okechukwu Anyamele COB1Dr. Okechukwu D. Anyamele Professor of Economics
(601) 979-2452 okechukwu.d.anyamele@jsums.edu




Jean-Claude-Assad-50-682x1024Dr. Jean-Claude Assad Associate Professor of Economics
(601) 979-1873 jean-claude.assad@jsums.edu




Dal Didia COBDr. Dal Didia Professor of Economics
(601) 979-2606 dal.o.didia@jsums.edu




Dr. Patricia A. Freeman Associate Professor of Economics
(601) 979-2610 patricia.a.freeman@jsums.edu





Dr. Maury Granger Professor of Economics
(601) 979-2679 maury.granger@jsums.edu





General Business Faculty

Mrs. Saundra Thompson McFarland, JD IAssistant Professor of Business Law
(601) 979-1088 saundra.m.thompson@jsums.edu





 Management Faculty 

Dr. Young Sik Cho, Associate Professor of Management
(601) 979-1298, young_sik.cho@jsums.edu





Dr. Hyonsong Chong, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems
(601) 979-2974, hyonsong.chong@jsums.edu





Dr. Hyunseob Kim, Assistant Professor of Management
(601) 979-1367, Hyunseob.kim@jsums.edu





Dr. Joann White, Assistant Professor of Management
(601) 979-2981, joann.white@jsums.edu




Marketing Faculty

J. R. Smith COBDr. J. R. Smith, Professor of Marketing
(601) 979-2982, jsmith@jsums.edu





Dr. Palaniappan Thiagarajan, Associate Professor of Marketing
(601) 979-1265, palaniappan.thiagarajan@jsums.edu





Dr. Edith Davidson, Associate Professor of Marketing
(601) 979-2534, edith.f.davidson@jsums.edu


Administrative Assistant

Ms. Fazenda Young
601-979-2534,  fazenda.d.young@jsums.edu