Doris O. Ginn


Associate Professor of English, Linguist
Coordinator of Linguistics and English as a Second Language


Phone: 601.979.2869

Office Location: Dollye M.E, Robinson Liberal Arts Building, 4th floor, Office #403





Ph.D., Linguistics, State University of New York at Buffalo

M.A., Pedagogy-Linguistics, Georgetown University

B.S., Jackson State (College) University



Research: Pidgin and Creole Languages, Bilingualism, Textual Analysis, Sociocultural Linguistic History of the Diaspora, and African American Dialects.


Teaching: Linguistics, English, English as a Second Language/Dialect, and Cultural Aspects of Literature.


Specializations: Sociolinguistics, Dialectology, African American Dialects, Bilingualism, English as a Foreign Language, English as a Second Language/Dialect, Syntax, Pidgin and Creole Languages, Tagmemics, and Composition.




    •    Advanced Laboratory Writing

    •    Research and Bibliography

    •    Fundamentals of Linguistics

    •    Phonetics and Phonemics

    •    Applied Linguistics

    •    Semantics

    •    Transformational Syntax

    •    Tagmemics

    •    Dialectology

    •    Psycholinguistics

    •    Sociolinguistics

    •    Second Language Teaching

    •    The History of Linguistic Science

    •    Thesis Writing

    •    English as a Second Language

    •    Morphology and Syntax

    •    Linguistics in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

    •    Linguistics in Education


    •    Composition and Literature

    •    Composition and Mass Media

    •    Composition and Language

    •    Laboratory Writing

    •    Critical Writing

    •    Technical Writing

    •    Professional Writing

    •    Specialized Writing

    •    Grammar and Composition

    •    Advanced College Writing

    •    The Research Paper

    •    History of the English Language

    •    English Word Power

    •    Language Arts in the Secondary Schools

    •    Linguistics and the Teaching of English

    •    Introduction to Linguistics

    •    Semantics and Journalism Style

    •    Introduction to Literature

    •    English Literature

    •    American Literature

    •    Recent American Literature



AAAL -American Association of Applied Linguistics -Black Issues in Higher Education

CCCC -Conference on College Composition and Communication -Focuses: Journal of Writing and Research

NCTE -National Council of Teachers of English PDK -Phi Delta Kappa

TESOL -Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages -The Chronicle of Higher Education

ADS -American Dialect Society

AMTESOL -Alabama-Mississippi Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

AAUP -American Association of University Professors

CLA -College Language Association

SCETC -Southeastern Conference on English in the Two-Year Colleges

SCADS -South Central American Dialect Society

MPS -Mississippi Philological Society

MRA -Mississippi Reading Association

JACET -Jackson Area Council of English Teachers

JSUGC -Jackson State University Graduate Council (English Department Representative)

NCNW -National Council of Negro Women

LSA -Linguistics Society of America

BEA -Black Educators Association of the Niagara Frontier

NYSEC -New York State English Council


Civic Organizations:

MPTA -Mississippi Partners of the Americas

NWJO -Northwest Jackson Optimist Club

MCT -Mary Church Terrell Literary Club