Executive PhD in Urban Higher Education

EPh.D. Admission Process

About the EPh.D.  Admission Process  The Executive Ph.D. Program (EPhD) in Urban Higher Education is designed for experienced faculty, executives, middle/entry level managers and other institutional leaders in higher education and related human services agencies. The program prepares these professionals to respond effectively to the challenges posed by urban and metropolitan communities in a pluralistic society undergoing sustained social, economic and political change.  Our program serves as a learning community to provide participants with a doctoral experience that is: (a) multi-disciplinary in format, (b) cohort based, (c) problem-centered, (4) time-bound, (d) fully engaged and immersed, and (e) integrative in nature. How to Apply: Applying for Admission is a dual process, you must submit one application that contains information to be admitted to the Graduate School and the program. Additional program information is required to complete the application. Each of the steps below offer guidance to successfully complete the application. Admission to the Graduate Division does not mean automatic admission to the Program. Before you begin the application you may find it helpful to review and prepare the necessary documents required for the Executive Ph.D. Program. By clicking Step 2 below you will have access to directions.


Step 1: Click to begin the Graduate School and Program Application via One Application Step 2: Directions for Documents Required for the Executive Ph.D. Program  

REMINDER of Required Test Score Information "Submit satisfactory test score information for the GRE (https://www.prometric.com/en-us/Pages/home.aspx), GMAT (www.mba.com) or MAT (www.MillerAnalogies.com). The school code information for Jackson State University to be a score recipient is 1341 for the GRE and TOEFL, 2409 for the MAT, and Psychometric Services for the GMAT. The Major Code for the GRE is 3502 and the Major Code for the MAT is 252. Only test scores within the past five years are acceptable."  If you have not taken the test within the last five (5) years, take it immediately!!! SPECIAL NOTE: This program is not structured to advance the career of persons in P-12 settings, nor is it structured to advance the career of persons attempting to transition to higher education without substantial experiences in higher education or closely related sectors.If you have questions or encounter difficulty submitting your application, you may call 601-979-2434 or 601-979-1811 or contact us by email: ephd.admin@jsums.edu

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