Executive PhD in Urban Higher Education

Arthur B. Jefferson, Ph.D.



Arthur B. Jefferson, Ph.D.
Former Director of Testing and Assessment and Adjunct
EPhD in Urban Higher Education

Jackson State University
1400 J.R. Lynch Street
JSU Box 17209
Jackson, MS 39217
(601) 979-2434 (office)
(601) 979-9213 (fax)



Dr. Arthur B. Jefferson is the Director of Testing and Assessment at Jackson State Uni¬versity. He received the B.S. degree in mathematics from Southern University and A & M College in Baton Rouge, LA, the MA degree in Educational Research from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, and the PHD degree in Research and Evaluation with a mi¬nor in Statistics from Iowa State University of Science and Technology in Ames, Iowa. He teaches statistics and serves as the University’s standardized test administrator for several major testing companies. Dr. Jefferson has served at the University as an Assistant Psy¬chometrist, Coordinator of Counseling Services, Assistant Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, Assistant Vice President for Student Life and Acting Vice President for Stu¬dent Affairs. Dr. Jefferson has received numerous honors and awards including: Out¬standing Student Award in Mathematics, Outstanding Young Man of America, Educational Administrator of the Year, and Certificates of Recognition for Outstanding Academic Achievement. His research area is test prep assessment.