Coastal Engineering

Core and Elective Courses | Course Descriptions


To provide engineers with graduate education in the specialized field of coastal engineering, including knowledge, skills and abilities to address coastal engineering challenges arising from coastal natural disasters.

Program Objectives

  1. Provide students an understanding of the fundamental coastal engineering knowledge and principles necessary to address engineering challenges in a coastal environment, especially those arising from coastal natural disasters.
  2. Provide graduate course work and research programs in coastal engineering.
  3. Enable students to achieve enhanced professional development and appreciate the technical and societal challenges existing in the practice of coastal engineering.

Program Requirements

The students are required to select four courses among the list of core courses and one of the four must be CIV 520. The other three core courses must be approved by the Department prior to selection. The remaining courses may be chosen from the list of electives or from the other core course with approval of the student’s advisor.