Graduate Engineering: Computer Engineering

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Provide a solid foundation in the design and implementation of computer systems emphasizing the development of both software and hardware.

Provide an outstanding educational program that enables graduates to have a solid background in both theoretical and practical aspects of Computer Engineering in order to prepare them to make meaningful contributions to their profession.

Provide an outstanding educational program that enables our graduates to become leaders in their profession by imparting fundamental principles, skills, and tools necessary to innovate and excel in engineering practice, research or academia.

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Program Objectives

  1. Afford students the opportunity for in-depth study of Computer Engineering concepts and theories
  2. Provide state-of-the-art applications and implementations in the design of computer-based systems
  3. Provide graduates with effective communications skills required for career advancement
  4. Endow students with a sense of professionalism, professional ethics and active participation in the affairs of the profession
  5. Engage faculty and graduate students in meaningful Computer Engineering research
  6. Promote professional development and growth of students and faculty

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