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Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Administration


Healthcare Administration

Degrees Offered

B.S. Healthcare Administration
B.S. Healthcare Administration Online

The Healthcare Administration Program (HCA) is housed in the School of Public Health.  The Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Administration is an undergraduate professional degree.

Our Bachelor of Science degree program in Healthcare Administration at Jackson State University offers successful graduates a sound theoretical and practical education together with opportunities for direct field experience to prepare them for entry level management positions and future professional career growth.

In support of JSU’s rich heritage, our program is sensitive to the needs of a diverse student body that will address the national, state, and local need for more underrepresented minorities in management and the professional health workforce.

Careers in Healthcare Administration

Majority of our Healthcare Administration graduates either go on to graduate school or enter the work force and assumes supervisory and middle management positions in hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric facilities, group practices, managed care plans, ambulatory centers, home health agencies, public health organizations, and other types of clinical services.  Our students are also hired by federal, state, and local government agencies.

Healthcare Administration


1400 John R. Lynch Street
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Phone: 601.979.2241