Honors Programs


Academic Advising Aide (TRIPLE A)

Mission Statement:

The mission of the W.E.B. Du Bois Honors College Academic Advising Aide (TRIPLE A) program is to provide exceptional paraprofessional assistance to the staff of the Honors College during peak registration periods.  

  • Description of Academic Advising Aides (TRIPLE A):
  • TRIPLE A members are current Honors College sophomores, juniors and seniors who are committed to student success at Jackson State University.
  • TRIPLE A members spend time in the Honors College preparing for registration periods by ensuring that all items needed for advisement are stocked and ready for use by the  Honors College staff.
  • TRIPLE A members assist with the active registration process. TRIPLE A members greet new members, explain the curriculum and assist with proper course selection. Once course selection is complete, TRIPLE A members escort students to Honors College staff for final review and course entry.
  • In conjunction with the Academic Advisor, a select group of TRIPLE A members will have monthly informal JAMS (Just About Math and Science) sessions with freshman Honors College members to discuss progress in Math and Science courses.  Those who are struggling will be provided individual academic advisement and intervention.  If necessary, they will be referred to study groups or tutorials.


Program Objectives:

  • To promote a positive registration experience for incoming Honors College freshmen
  • To expedite the registration process for new Honors College members
  • To forge beneficial relationships between current and new Honors College members
  • To develop a spirit of teamwork and cooperation among Honors College members
  • To build professional leadership skills in Honors College members