The Center over its forty-seven year reign has worked hard to form partnerships in our respective communities.   Outlined below is a list of partnerships at the level of campus/community, state, regional, and national. The IADSC staff meets with the 

Community partners bi-annually to request information on partnership and prevention efforts.   They each support the vision that prevention efforts and strategies should be a community-wide approach and not just campus centered.

Campus Partnerships

Metro Jackson Community Coalition
Latasha Norman Center
Psychological Services
Criminal Justice Department
MADD Drama
Project SAFE
JSU Health Services
JSU Fraternities/Sororities
JSU Human Resources

Community Partnerships

Mississippi Coalition for Partners in Prevention
Alcohol Services Center
National Council on Alcoholism
My Brother’s Keeper
MCLIP-Mississippi Leaders of Interfaith 
Healing of City Coalition
Hinds Behavior Health Services
MS Department of Highway Safety