Community Advisory Coalition

Jamal Clark



The Jackson Heart Study Community Advisory Coalition/Board is a Partnership comprised of citizens of the tri-county area; state and community organizations; health and medical educators and providers; and JHS participants.  The Mission of the JHS Community Advisory Coalition/Board is to represent and promote the perspectives of the community in the conduct of the JHS.  This includes: planning, implementation, decision-making; evaluation; of the activities; and dissemination of the findings/results of the Jackson Heart Study.  Organizationally, the responsibility for the maintenance of the CACB resides in the JHS Community Outreach Center (CORC). 

How to Get Involved

Citizens and others identified in the purpose, who reside in or work in the Metro Jackson Area are welcome to join this group.  For more information, call Ms. Darcel Odom (601) 979-8709 or Mr. Marty Fortenberry (601) 979-8736 at the Jackson Heart Study Community Outreach Center. 


Commissioner Jermal Clark