Jackson Community Health Advisors Network




The Jackson Community Health Advisors Network (CHAN) was inaugurated in the summer of 2003 by the Jackson Heart Study (JHS) Community Partnership/Outreach Office.  The CPO was a unit within the original JHS Coordinating Center at Jackson State University.  The Community Health Advisors (CHAs), who comprise the membership of the Jackson CHAN, are charged with: 1) disseminating health information in their communities; 2) assisting in developing cardiovascular and other health-related messages; and 3) advising on the translation of research to community to promote and address healthier lifestyles on individual, family and community levels. 

The members were trained over a period of ten weeks on basic health topics such as hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, nutrition, mental health, weight management, leadership and other related health topics.  In order to help promote a healthier lifestyle in their communities, the Jackson CHAN has conducted and/or participated in the following activities: quarterly blood pressure readings in the Jackson Medical Mall, Mother-Daughter Day, Medication Check Day, and health fairs which included 3K-walks.  Members also participate in the American Heart Association Heart Walk and the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi Diabetes Walk.  Many members participate in their churches’ health ministries.  The ultimate goal of the Jackson CHAN is to help improve individual health as well as the health of our community.

The Jackson CHAs meet on the 3rd Monday of every month unless otherwise notified.  The Jackson CHAN is recruiting new members. For more information on how you can become involved in the Jackson CHAN, contact Mr. Marty Fortenberry at:  601-979-8736.