Jackson Heart Study Community Ethics Advisory Board

The Jackson Heart Study Community Ethics Advisory Board (JHSCEAB) serves as an advisory body to the 5 Jackson Heart Study (JHS) Centers: 1) Community Outreach; Field, Graduate Training and Education, Undergraduate Training and Education, and Coordinating.  Additionally, it provides advisement to the Steering Committee and the primary subcommittees, as identified by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, regarding the ethical conduct of research and community outreach in the Jackson Heart Study.  These subcommittees include but may not be limited to: 1) Genetics, 2) Ancillary Studies, 3) Publications and Presentations, and 4) the Genetics Education Working Group.  

Whereas the JHS has existing mechanisms (IRB’s of the three institutions, the NHLBI Observational Studies  Monitoring Board (OSMB), and internal JHS committees) for assuring the study’s proper conduct, formation of this board was initiated as a means of devoting attention to anticipated and unanticipated ethical concerns that may arise from the investigators, cohort, and community. 

1.      Dr. Ebony Madden, ebony.madden@nhi.gov

2.      Ms. Vikki Taylor, mailto:vtaylor@gibbswhitwell.com

3.      Dr. Charles Spann, mailto:chsvel@bellsouth.net

4.      Dr. Rueben Warren, warrenr@mytu.tuskegee.edu

5.      Dr. Curtina Moreland-Young mailto:tinaween@aol.com

6.      Ms. Saundra Hill sdhill87@gmail.com

7.      Ms. Anniece McLemore, amclemore@msdhs.state.ms.us

8.      Dr. Dorothy McGill djceo@ibshealth.com

9.    Dr. Charmaine Royal, (Ad hoc member), charmaine.royal@duke.edu