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The Clinton CHAN and the Jackson Heart Study Community Outreach Center teaming up to build healthier communities. 


The Clinton Community Health Advisors Network (CHAN) and the Jackson Heart Study Community Outreach Center held a Fall Festival Celebration, at the Clinton  Community Christian Corporation better known as the 4Cs in Clinton, MS.  Rev. Neddie Winters was the speaker for the event.  Rev. Winters is the president of Mission Mississippi.  The event was enlightening and enjoyable.


The Jackson Heart Study Community Outreach Center hosted the 17th Jackson Heart Study Birthday Celebration.  The morning began with a program on “Genetics and Ethics in the Jackson Heart Study: What You Should Know”.  The guest speakers were Dr. James G. Wilson, University of Mississippi Medical Center and Dr. Anne R. Simpson of the University of New Medico School of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine.



Mr. Darius Fortenberry reading his poem “4 Hours and 30 Minutes” at the Jackson Heart Study Community Moniotoring Board Meeting: State of the Study 


The Jackson Heart Study Community Monitoring Board Meeting:”State of the Study” is design to provide the Jackson Heart Study participants and the Jackson, Mississippi Metro communities a summary of  significant Study findings.  This event is an opportunity for Study participants to ask the leaders questions about their data. 



Center for Disease Control and Prevention-Update: Guidelines for Health Care Providers Caring for Pregnant Women and Women of Reproductive Age with Zika Virus Exposure February 5, 2016  CDC_Guidelines for Health Care Provider

American Heart Association Stroke Song in Recognition of World Stroke Day


JHS CORC Celebrate 15th Birthday

The Jackson Heart Study Community Outreach Center, housed in the Jackson State University School of Public Health, celebrated 15 years on Sept. 26 of educating the Metro Jackson (Hinds, Madison and Rankin counties) community about cardiovascular disease by promoting health equity through prevention, education, training and research, by conducting outreach activities to communicate Jackson Heart Study findings, and by providing health promotion messages and retaining an unprecedented number of participants in the largest single-site investigation of heart disease among African Americans.

Ms. Star Jones Host “Heart of the City:  Dying To Eat in Jackson”
A BET News Exclusive on Obesity in Black America



Dr. Donna Antoine-LaVigne of Jackson State University and the Jackson Heart Study shares why participant engagement is vital to the success of the Precision Medicine Initiative on August 5, 2015. While significant advances in precision medicine have been made for select cancers, the practice is not currently in use for most diseases.

What Is Precision Medicine:

Far too many diseases do not have a proven means of prevention or effective treatments. We must gain better insights into the biology of these diseases to make a difference for the millions of Americans who suffer from them. Precision medicine is an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person. Many efforts are underway to help make precision medicine the norm rather than the exception. To accelerate the pace, President Obama unveiled the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) — a bold new enterprise to revolutionize medicine and generate the scientific evidence needed to move the concept of precision medicine into every day clinical practice.



A Population Study:  The Jackson Heart Study

The Data Book: A Report to the Cohort –  PDF Version

The Data Book: A Report to the Cohort – Web Version



Public Health Message from Dr. Donna Antoine-LaVigne



Jackson Heart Study Celebrate Anniversary

Jackson Heart Study Anniversary Celebration, Jackson Free Press article



The Next Frontier in Heart Care
Research Aims to Personalize Treatment With Genetics

Jackson Heart Study kicks off the 3rd exam 

Dr. James Rosser, MD graduate of Ole Miss brings surgical techniques at the American College of Surgeons (2005).  He is pioneering new ways for physicians to take care of patients hundreds of miles away using telemedicine, or teaching  surgery using video games.