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JSU Safe

Jackson State University released its official “Reopening JSU” plan in early 2020.  The plan outlines campus operations and modified academic parameters for faculty, staff, and students returning to campus during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In 2020, the university implemented new protocols and expectations for faculty, staff, and students, including a modified academic calendar, forms of in-person and remote course delivery, mandatory training for employees and students, daily symptom checks, and COVID-19 testing and tracing.

The JSU Campus Reopening Taskforce developed the “JSU Safe” plan in alignment with government orders and public health recommendations from the IHL Safe Start Task Force, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Mississippi State Department of Health. “JSU Safe” includes specific guidance about academics, student affairs, student housing, and move-in, dining services, university events, athletics, and more. Plans may be subject to change due to the unpredictability of current circumstances.

Responding to our capabilities, the university mission, and the realities of the pandemic, university plans adhere to city and state guidelines. The goal is to offer a quality learning experience. Each college has designed a learning environment reflective of our commitment to student success, degree completion, and active learning. Our strategy is to maintain a healthy and safe environment while promoting our tradition as a creative, scholarly, and nurturing community.



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