Student Learning Outcomes

Professional Interdisciplinary Studies and University Studies

  1. SLO 1: Students will demonstrate verbal and written communication skills through writing assignments, presentation of projects, and/or job application portfolios.
  2. SLO 2: Students will differentiate qualitative and descriptive quantitative analyses/approaches, apply a selected approach of research, and demonstrate proficiency in the use of technology for inputting, collecting, and analyzing information and developing presentations and other forms of communication.
  3. SLO 3: Students will demonstrate a minimum of six leadership and ethical traits for diverse global and regional markets.
  4. SLO 4: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the interdisciplinary relationships among the humanities and fine arts, social and behavioral sciences, and natural sciences in response to workforce trends and societal challenges.
  5. SLO5: Students will identify of the origin and development of Human Resource Development (HRD) as well as the critical functions and roles of HRD in an organization, make connections between the HRD issues in theory and those in practice, design HRD interventions in different contexts, and identify contemporary cutting edge topics in HRD research. (Professional Interdisciplinary Studies Degree – Human Resource Development Concentration)