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Master of Political Science

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Working in partnership, students and faculty in Jackson State University’s M.A. program in Political Science enter the public square and observe, debate, and analyze the appropriate and effective uses of power in a democratic society and in the larger global community. The graduate program serves the public interest by preparing leaders for service in institutions of public life and contributes to the development and understanding of the discipline of political science. Our urban location in the capital city allows us to utilize a rich laboratory for applied research, as well as, observation of and participation in politics.

Program Goals

In the M.A. Political Science program at Jackson State University students will:

  • Examine and critique the operation of government institutions and political participation.
  • Learn to use the varied primary texts, tools, technologies, and methods of the political scientists.
  • Increase understanding of divergent views and unpopular beliefs, gaining competence in constructive criticism of political and social problems.
  • Improve their ability to organize ideas and present them orally and in writing.
  • Participate in taking practical action towards achieving their political ideals; and by doing so.
  • Develop their own personal political philosophy.


Application Process


Degree Requirements


Course Descriptions