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What Is An Ombuds?

An Ombuds is an independent, impartial, and confidential resource for resolving disputes and concerns within Jackson State University. The University Ombuds typically handles a wide range of issues, including academic grievances, discrimination and harassment, interpersonal conflicts, and problems with university policies and procedures. The Ombuds is a neutral party and not affiliated with any specific department or office within the university and also acts as a resource for information about university policies and procedures, and may make recommendations for improvements. 

Objectives: The Jackson State University Ombuds seeks to promote fairness and equity, foster a culture of mutual respect, and enhance communication and understanding among members of the university community.


Benefits Of An Ombuds

What are some examples of issues which are brought to the University Ombuds Office?

Miscommunication between supervisors, coworkers, employees, and/or students
Interpersonal, intercultural, and group conflicts
Confusion around policies and/or procedures
Perceived ethical dilemmas
Perceived unfair treatment or bullying
Managerial effectiveness

Feedback Survey

The Ombuds Office wants to serve the Jackson State University community as best as we can, and we are always open to hearing your feedback. This survey is voluntary, confidential, and anonymous. Your name and identifying information will not be connected to your response. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to continuously strive to make Jackson State University a better, safer, and more enjoyable community.