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Dr. Firas Al-Douri, Associate Professor

Urban Design Concentration



Firas A. Al-Douri, B.Arch., MS (Urban Design), Ph.D. (Architecture)

Associate Professor; Urban Design Concentration


Firas Al-Douri is an educator and researcher with a Doctorate in Architecture from Texas A&M University in 2006. He has a dual Architecture and Planning academic background and extensive experience in Architecture and Urban Design teaching, research, and practice for over 25 years across the US, Europe, and Asia through  which he earned many awards and letters of recognition. His teaching is focused on course, studios, electives and seminars in urban design, Housing, Research Methods, and Sustainability. His research interests connect three domains: urban design practice, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and

sustainability. These domains have been examined in several personal and cross-campus interdisciplinary studies and grant proposals. His practical experience consists of over twelve years in governmental and private firms and consultancies. He follows my Scholarship of Integration vision in which teaching, research, and service are inseparable parts of an integrated, creative learning environment. He employs an experiential pedagogy nurtured in immersive problem-based teaching grounded in a holistic approach to urban design research and practice.

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  • Al-Douri, F (2024-forthcoming) Integrated BIM+Parametric Modeling: A Decision-support Tool for
  • Al-Douri, F (Forthcoming) “The Content of Urban Design Plans in US City Centers; Does it shape a city-
  • Al-Douri, F (Forthcoming) “Urban Design Plans in US City-Centers; How do they respond to the
  • Al-Douri, F; Yan, W; and Jahic, E. (2023) An Integrated Parametric BIM for Campus Design Simulation and Optimization, in Immanuel Koh, Dagmar Reinhardt, Mohammed Makki, Mona Khakhar, Nic Bao (eds.), HUMAN-CENTRIC – Proceedings of the 28th CAADRIA Conference, Ahmedabad, 18-24 March 2023, pp. 471–480, making in professional urban design practice? URBAN DESIGN International Journal;

  • Al-Douri, F (2022) “How Information and Communication Tools (ICT) affect the processes and decision-

Research Projects

  • Using AI in Developing Urban Design Plans: Techniques and Implementation 09/2023-present

  • CampuSIM: A Simulation and Optimization Model for Campus Design Decision-Support. Collaborative work with Dr. Wei Yan, Texas A&M University. 09/2022-08/2023

  •  The Usage of Digital Technologies in Urban Design Practice in US Cities; does it help shaping a sustainable urban form? A case study of the city of Portland, Oregon”. 11/2021-09/2022

  • Methods and Extent of Usage of IT Tools in US Design & Planning Departments: A Comparative Case Study in five US cities 09/2021-09/2024

Honors, Awards, and Recognitions

    1. First place award, mentor of a student’s design competition, spring 2018.
    2. Erasmus+ Teaching Fellowship, (competitive) 2016
    3. Directors’ Choice Award (shared with Professor Mahyar Arefi), College of Design, Architecture, Art,

    and Planning (DAAP), University of Cincinnati, for the innovative pedagogical approach employed in the

    collaborative studio (UNLV and UC) spring 2012.

    1. Letter of Recognition, UNLV’s School of Architecture for my exceptional contribution to the successful

    NAAB accreditation visit in 2011 and for meeting Student Performance Criteria with Distinction (2011).

    1. UNLV President’s Research Development Award (2008)
    • Designing and delivering undergraduate and graduate courses and studios.
    • Developing research grants and publications personal and collaborative multidisciplinary areas of
      Architecture, Urban Design, and Urban Planning
    • Designing mixed method, qualitative, and quantitative research studies.
    • Employment of computational tools, information technology, and parametric modeling in
      professional urban design practice.
    • Research-Teaching integration.
    • Employment of educational technology in course management and delivery.
    • Employment of experiential pedagogy and problem-solving teaching methods.
    • Academic-related administrative work and service, and curriculum development.
    • Professional practical experience within the architecture and urban design industry.
  • 2022-2023 Association of College and University Educators (ACUE)

    Certificate in Effective Teaching Practice Framework

    2024 LEED AP BD+C Candidate (Expected June 2024)

    2001-2006 Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University


    Ph.D. in Architecture

    Dissertation: The Impact of Utilizing Digital Modeling and Information Technology on

    the Design Content of Urban Design Plans in US Cities


    1986-1988 Baghdad University, Iraq


    M.Sc. Urban Planning: Urban Design Specialization

    (post-professional degree; Earned with Distinction)

    Thesis: Urban Renewal in the Historic Centers of Middle Eastern Cities


    1977-1982 Department of Architecture, Baghdad University, Iraq

    B.Arch. Architecture (accredited professional degree)

  • 2020-present Associate Professor, Department of Urban Planning, Jackson State University (JSU)

    Coordinator, Urban Design Concentration of the M.Sc. and Ph.D. Programs.

    2020-2021 Visiting faculty, School of Architecture, Texas A&M University System (TAMUS)

    Visiting faculty, School of Architecture, University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)

    2015-present Fulbright Specialist, Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES), US

    2015-2020 Assistant Professor, International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    2007-2014 Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)

    2006-2007 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University

    2002-2006 Teaching Assistant, Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University (TAMU)

    1996-2001 Chief Architect/Urban Designer, Dubai Municipality, Dubai, UAE

    1990-1996 Full-time Lecturer, Department of Architecture, University of Technology (UOT)

    Academic & Professional Experience
    Academic & Professional Experience
    1. Issues in contemporary urbanism
    2. Urban Design: theory and contemporary practice
    3. Design studios: Architecture Design, Urban Design, and Sustainable Urban Design studios
    4. Computational tools and techniques in urban design practice
    5. Sustainable architecture design; sustainable urban design
    6. Contemporary architecture theory and practice: Architecture, place & identity
    7. Research methods in Architecture
    8. Urban Housing; Urban, green infrastructure
    Areas of Teaching Experience
    1. Reviewer for John Wiley & Sons Publishing Inc. 06/2009-present
    2. Reviewer for Routledge and Taylor &Francis 09/2011-present
    3. Reviewer for Cities Journal 06/2011-present
    4. Reviewer for URBAN DESIGN International Journal 03/2014-12/2015
    5. Reviewer for Current Urban Studies Journal 02/2013-06/2015
    6. Reviewer for, Journal of the Canadian Center of Academic Art & Science
    Service and Scholarly Activities