Dr. Kendal Smith

Research Interests: Dr. Smith studies an integrative approach to comparative psychology. Her research interests include test expectancy effects on memory, perceptual influences on social cognition, animal cognition and behavior, comparative cognition, and disease salience.
Recent pubs & conference presentations:
  • Smith, K.A., Huff, M. J., Pazos, L. A., Smith, J. L. & Consentino, K. (2022). Item-Specific Encoding Reduces False Recognition of Homograph and Implicit Mediated Critical Lures. Memory, 30(3), 293-308. Doi: 10.1080/09658211.2021.2010762
  • Smith. K. A., Runnels J. & Huff, M. J. (2021, April) Age Effects on Disease Salience: Differences in Source Memory for Younger and Older Adults. Oral presentation at the Susan A. Siltanen Graduate Student Research Symposium. Remote.
  • Coane, J. H., McBride, D. M., Huff, M. J., Chang, K., Marsh, E. M. & Smith, K. A. (2021). Manipulations of List type in the DRM Paradigm: Structural and Conceptual Similarity Affect False Memory. Frontiers in Psychology. Doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2021.668550
  • Smith. K.A., Pazos, L. A., Smith, J. L. & Huff, M. J. (202, November) Item Speciffic Encoding Reduces Associative False Memory by Restricting Associative Activation, not Gist Extraction: Evidence from Homograph and Mediated Lists. Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society. Remote.
  • Smith, K. A., Gretz, M. R., Maxwell, N. & Huff, M. J. (2019, October). The Memory Benefits of Deadly Diseases: Increased source Memory for Objects Touched by Individuals with Ebola. Poster presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Smith, K. A. & Miller, L. (2019, March). First thirty days of life: Examining calf behavioral development in beluga whales at one zoological facility. Poster presentation at 2nd Internatinal Workshop on Beluga Whale Research and Conservation. Mystic, CT.
  • Lilley, M., Smith, K. & Botero Acosta, N. (2017). Cetacean Life History. In J. Vonk & T. Shackelford (Eds.). Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and Behavior. Springer.