Undergraduate Psychology Program

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The Bachelor of Science Program is designed to prepare students for advanced studies in psychology, careers in behavioral sciences, education, mental health, and social work, as well as teaching psychology in schools.

In regards to special programs, the Department offers externally funded interdisciplinary research training programs. Some of these programs are offered in collaboration with other departments and with other universities. The Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC/NIH) Program is funded by the National Institute of Health and is located in the Department of Chemistry. The Career Opportunities in Research Education Training (COR/NIMH) Program if funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and is located in the Department of Psychology. Both are interdisciplinary research programs and accept eligible psychology majors. These programs afford students the opportunity to work on research projects with senior JSU researchers and participate in summer research internships at major universities.

The Community Health Program (CHP) is another opportunity for undergraduates to receive research experience. It was established by the Department of Psychology and is funded by the National Institute of Health. CHP is primarily a research-focused program to evaluate community-based AIDS prevention models to assist African American adolescents and women as well as adolescents with a history of substance abuse to reduce activities that place them at risk for HIV infection.


Curriculum & Degree Requirements for Psychology Majors

Course Requirements for a Psychology Minor