Ms. Cassandra Hawkins has defended her dissertation

July 16th, 2018 by ppad


Ms. Cassandra Hawkins defended her dissertation (title: 'The Prevalence of Food Insecurity in Mississippi'; Adviser: Prof. Jae-Young Ko) on July 16, 2018.  She joined the PPAD doctoral program in the Fall 2011. Her dissertation examined the prevalence of food insecurity in Mississipi and determined if there is any association between food insecurity and sociodemographic factors such as age, race, gender, marital status, and educational attainment level. Her research suggests that food insecurity in Mississippi should draw attention to the disparity among households based on their sociodemographic factors. Congratulations, Dr. Hawkins!

(In pic, from left: Professor Ester Stokes, Professor Dickson Idusuyi, Dr. Cassandra Hawkins, Professor Jae-Young Ko, and Professor Johnny Gilleylen)

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