Ms. Cassandra Hawkins will be professor at Mississippi Valley State University

August 3rd, 2018 by ppad

Ms. Cassandra Hawkins, a doctoral student at the dept of public policy & administration, has received a job offer of professorship, and will start her new job at the Mississippi Valley State University this fall.

Her new job is a tenure-track assistant professor in rural public policy at the Dept. of Social Sciences. She will be mainly involved in its MPA (Master of Public Administration) program as the program director.

This summer she has defended her dissertation (title: 'The Prevalence of Food Insecurity in Mississippi'; Adviser: Prof. Jae-Young Ko)

Colleges and universities have been reducing tenure-track faculty positions and increasing the portion of adjunct faculty, due to financial problems in higher education institutions across the nation. After considering the difficult challenge, it is a great achievement for her to land a tenure-track job at State university.

Congratulations, Professor Hawkins.

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