NASPAA reaccreditation

September 1st, 2021 by ppad

The NASPAA (Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration) has informed that the JSU Master of Public Policy and Administration program (MPPA) has obtained its reaccreditation through August 31, 2026.

That is a great honor and remarkable evidence of the quality of the program across the nation. In addition, the JSU program is one of only two NASPAA accredited programs, even though more universities offer similar professional master’s degrees in public policy and administration in Mississippi.

During the accreditation review process, Dept. Chair, Professor Gilleylen, and the MPPA program Director, Professor Billingsley, worked hard in leading the extensive preparations for the arduous review process. All of the PPAD faculty also showed their dedication and commitment to the program in a collaborative effort.

In addition, the department board members, a group of the current students, and the Alumni members also participated events of meeting with the site visit team. As a result, the site visit team could obtain information on their satisfaction with the JSU mater program in public policy and administration. Their time and efforts in delivering their ideas to the site visit team are greatly appreciated. The JSU Administration (President, Provost, Dean of College of Liberal Arts) has provided resources and supports needed in preparing for the accreditation review process.

With the reaccreditation, the JSU program will get an advantage in recruiting students while keeping its proud and continued status of a NASPAA accredited program. We look forward to building a growing and productive professional graduate degree program for the coming years.

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