Grants and Contracts Unit


The Unit of Grants and Contracts is responsible for financial administration of all external grants and contracts. Specific responsibilities include, but not inclusive of:

  • Serving as contact point with agencies for fiscal matters;
  • Assisting Principal Investigators/Program Directors in fiscal post-award administration;
  • Ensuring consistent application and compliance of institutional policies and procedures and federal regulations related to fiscal matters;
  • Establishing accounts for programs after fiscal review of award documentation;
  • Informing Principal Investigators/Program Directors of program expenditures and encumbrances;
  • Billing expenditures and timely submission of fiscal reports;
  • Ensuring that all documented cost-sharing is verified, maintained, and properly reported to the sponsoring agency;
  • Confirm, validate, and recover all indirect costs; and
  • Proper closeout and reconciliation of institutional accounts to ensure compliance.



Circulars for Grants and Contracts applicable prior to 12/26/2014:

OBM Circular A-21 – Cost Principles for Educational Institutions

OMB Circular A-110 – Administrative Requirements for Grants and Agreements with Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals, and Other Non-profit Organizations

OBM Circular A-133 – Audits of Institutions of Higher Education and Other Non-profit Institutions

 American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Funding (ARRA)

Information on the Uniform Guidance Requirements is coming. Effective 12/26/2014, you can find information on regulations in 2CFR Part 200.


Grants & Contracts Staff

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