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Dean’s Welcome

WaltersIt is my pleasure to personally welcome you to the Jackson State University College of Science, Engineering & Technology (CSET).

CSET has distinguished itself with outstanding faculty and staff who are dedicated to providing both the quality education and science leadership necessary to achieve the highest possible level of excellence. The College is committed to implementing the University’s urban mission and focusing its intellectual and other resources on improving the quality of life for students, the surrounding community, state, nation and the global community.

As we go forward in this millennium, we are redefining our College. We are confident that our Ph.D. programs in Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental Science, and Computational & Data Enabled Science & Engineering along with our dedicated faculty, our strong emphasis on undergraduate research, continued commitment to recruiting highly motivated students and continued growth in other innovative programs, will help to define our future.

A fundamental objective of CSET focuses on exposure of our students to the research environment as early as possible in the undergraduate curriculum. Such exposure embellishes the development of the skills and knowledge required for groundbreaking research and enhances preparation for graduate study. Multidisciplinary research by teams of faculty, students, and post-doctorate research associates, provides excellent opportunities for student research training and development in several research centers and multi-user core research facilities. These and much more are available to inspire a new generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

Awaiting your admission to our College are 16 Bachelor of Science, 9 Masters’ and four Ph.D. level degrees, many of which have several specialized tracks from which to choose. They will be the result of your steadfast matriculation in pursuit of a high quality education in science and technology, advanced scientific knowledge through scholarly research in specific areas, and technical and educational expertise. Also available are student support programs and services, many of which offer stipends and scholarships.

When visiting our main campus, we invite you to stop by our Engineering Building – the first LEED [Green] Certified building in the city of Jackson, Mississippi. This innovative building environment, housing the Dean’s Office and the Departments of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Civil & Environmental Engineering, highlights JSU’s commitment to leadership in green technologies.

We are pleased that you have taken the time to visit our website. If you need assistance locating or accessing any desired information, please let us know using the information provided on the Contact Us tab.