2.11.10 Identification Cards

The University issues identification cards to faculty, staff, students, and other appropriate affiliated individuals to verify identity and to manage access to various university services and facilities.  Individuals officially recognized as being affiliated with the University are expected to maintain possession and control of their identification card at all times when on the university premises.  Wearing the Identification Card is mandatory, and failure to comply will result in disciplinary action. 
Lost identification cards should be immediately reported to the ID Center.  Replacement costs are the responsibility of the individual.  Identification cards must be replaced if they are broken or mutilated.  The remaining pieces of the card must be returned to the ID Center.  Identification cards that break or become unreadable solely due to normal wear will be replaced at no cost.  Replacement costs for mutilated cards (holes punched, other abnormal use) are the responsibility of the individual.  An employee that changes position at the University or has a legal name change will be issued a replacement card at no cost.  Employees are required to return the identification card to their immediate supervisor upon termination of employment at JSU.