2.11.16 Visitors in the Workplace

All employees should demonstrate good customer service skills, hospitality, and helpfulness to those visitors who are on campus for appropriate reasons related to services being provided to or from the University.  

Personal Visitors

Personal visitors detract from the work production of the employee being visited as well as co-workers.  In order to better provide an environment for all employees that is professional and free from distractions, all guests including but not limited to relatives and friends of employees and employees from other University units who do not have official business with a particular department may be restricted from prolonged visits to the workplace. 



On occasion, young children have been brought to the University campus and have remained for extended periods of time either in a work area under parental supervision or elsewhere on campus.  While sympathetic with the difficulties parents may encounter in arranging supervisory care for their children, the university cannot accommodate children in campus workplaces, unauthorized classrooms, or in unsupervised circumstances on campus. 


Therefore, the University will not allow:

  1. Children under the age of 14 to be on campus without being accompanied by an adult or without being properly enrolled in a supervised University activity; or
  2. Students to bring children into a classroom setting while classes are in progress; or,
  3. Children to be present in a parent's or caretaker's campus workplace or in a classroom for an extended period of time.


The University encourages supervisors to accommodate employees as much as possible in scheduling sick and annual leave to provide or arrange for childcare.