2.11.1 Professional Conduct

Professional conduct including respect for authority and for one another is basic to the general welfare and personal dignity of all persons with whom an employee comes into contact.  Employee conduct that demonstrates these positive characteristics is essential to the success of Jackson State University.  All members of the University are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner.  They should respect the privacy and reputation of co-workers and all other persons.  Tact, courtesy, and kindness should be practiced with all employees.  When in contact with the community, employees should:
  1. Practice courtesy and exercise good judgment in all professional situations;
  2. Render every possible assistance to persons seeking information or service;
  3. Receive and acknowledge all questions, suggestions, and criticisms about the University's services;
  4. Direct any questions to the proper person when an answer cannot be given immediately;
  5. Notify the appropriate supervisor of all complaints received; and
  6. Timely respond to commitments, and notify persons as soon as practicable when commitments cannot for good reason be kept.