2.11.4 Personal Communications and Social Networking Policy

JSU recognizes that employees possess personal communication devices, such as personal cell phones, in the workplace.  The use of personal cell phones and other personal communication devices should be kept to a minimum so as not to interfere with work performance or the accomplishing of work duties.  Occasional use of personal communication devices during work time is permissible only to the extent that it does not interfere with work duties.  Excessive use of personal communication devices is prohibited, and such devices should not be used for personal use while performing employment obligations.
Personal use of blogs and other social networking sites should not be utilized during work time.  Employees should use their best judgment when expressing views in a blog or online site to ensure that their personal views are not construed as representing the views of the University.  If information is published on a personal blog or networking site, such posting must not contain confidential, copyrighted, or trademarked information or marks of the University absent specific written consent or license.  Furthermore, employees should be aware that their online presence and actions may reflect positively or negatively upon the University, and care should therefore be taken to conduct one’s self in an appropriate manner.