2.11.6 Tardiness and Absence from Assignment

Each job is an essential part of Jackson State University's operations.  Because your work is important, we expect you to make every effort to be at work on time.  Being on time means being at your workstation and ready to work at the appointed starting time.
In case of illness or anticipated absence from duty, University employees should notify their department head or immediate supervisor as close to the start of the normal working day as possible.  The department head or immediate supervisor should be updated daily with regard to the employee's condition and expected date of return to work unless the employee is on an approved leave of absence.  Failure to notify the department head or immediate supervisor of such absences or to make daily updates may result in suspension without pay
and/or termination.  More information regarding this subject can be found in policy 3.5, University Leave Policies and Procedures. 
If necessary, the department head or immediate supervisor will then confer with the dean of the school or chief administrative officer so that adequate substitution may be provided for the employee's official responsibilities.  A salary deduction will be made for all absences from duty except those absences in which the employee is officially excused and where applicable earned leave time is available. 
Absence of an employee for professional purposes (official business of the University) shall be allowed with full pay when approved in advance by the appropriate administrative office and the President of the University, or when occasioned by emergencies so recognized by the President of the University.
Administrative officers, deans, directors, coordinators, department heads and division chairpersons are required to report all absences of employees from regular duty, whatever the cause may be.  Reports of absences shall be made and processed through normal channels to the Division of Human Resources.  If a deduction in salary is required, a copy of the Report of Absence from Duty Form will be forwarded to the Payroll Office for the salary deduction. 
The Report of Absence from Duty Form should be completed no later than the day following the return of the employee.  If no report for absence is made at the request of the supervisor, the Division of Human Resources will make an automatic deduction from the salary of the employee.  Absences that occur during the week of the Independence Day Holiday will be deducted in 8-hour increments.