2.11.7 University Issued Cell Phones

Wireless communication devices (cell phones) or services may not be purchased with University funds unless approved by the President.  Vice Presidents, Deans, and Directors are responsible for assuring that a request for a wireless communication device is necessary to accomplish the mission of the University, and that no other communication device will suffice. 
  1. A wireless communication device means a cellular telephone or a personal digital assistant device having wireless communication capability (i.e., a Blackberry).
  2. An employee can only have two (2) devices.
  3. An employee who has the use of a cell phone, the cost of which is paid with University funds, cannot be reimbursed for personal use.
  4. An employee cannot be reimbursed for use of a personal cell phone (such as making telephone calls on a personal phone while on a trip).
  5. Detailed billing is a requirement for all University-issued cell phones and/or cell phone service.
  6. The University may only use vendors on the list maintained by the Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services (ITS).

For more information regarding the University’s Policy on Wireless Communication Devices, please contact the Division of Human Resources.