2.11.9 Personal Appearance and Uniform Dress Standards

Personal neatness and appropriate work attire are necessary to present a well-groomed appearance.  While employees should use their own judgment in determining appropriate attire, they should take into consideration the University’s image, work, and the employee’s potential contact with the public.
Even though Jackson State University does not dictate appropriate dress for employees, we do expect everyone to take pride in representing the University as well as himself/herself.  The University requires and provides uniforms for the following groups of staff personnel: 
  1. Facilities Management personnel
  2. Public Safety personnel
All personnel required to be in uniform shall wear the entire uniform.  Substitution of other types of clothing for parts of the uniform is permitted only when clearly authorized by the immediate supervisor.  The uniform shall be clean and neat at all times.  No employee shall wear the uniform except in the performance of duty, as well as travel to and from work.  Personal hygiene is required of all employees. 
Replacement of uniforms will be made by the University upon recommendation by the Director in charge of the department.  The uniforms are laundered and maintained by the employee.  The employee is required to sign for each uniform issued.  Uniforms issued by the department are the property of Jackson State University; therefore, failure to return the uniforms upon termination of employment may, when permitted by law, result in charges against the employee's final payroll check.