2.13.5 Seniority

Jackson State University values the service of our employees by recognizing seniority.  All staff employees begin to accumulate seniority from the first day of employment in a full-time regular appointment, and it shall be determined by the aggregate of all time served as a staff employee at the University.  An employee's seniority will not be lost because of absence due to authorized leaves of absence.  Seniority begins to apply after a staff employee has successfully served his or her six-month probationary period.  The amount of seniority that an employee has attained will be considered as a factor in the event of a layoff under the Reduction In Force Policy, which is set forth under policy 2.13.4, as well as in the rehiring of employees after a layoff, provided that such employees who are applying for rehire had at least a rating of ‘‘good’’ on his or her most recent employment evaluation with Jackson State University. 

To determine eligibility for rehire, the former employee must file an employment application with the Division of Human Resources.  Seniority shall cease upon:


  1. Voluntary resignation
  2. Justifiable discharge (other than layoff)
  3. Refusal of an offer of re-employment within a period of six (6) months from the effective date of discharge.