2.13.7 Exit Interview Procedures

Jackson State University is committed to the development and retention of employees.  To support this commitment, the Department of Human Resources has developed an Exit Interview process and survey.

An exit interview is a set of questions that are designed to elicit information from an employee who has decided to leave the organization.  The exit interview can play an important part in understanding why employees choose to leave the organization.

All departing staff members, teaching and non-teaching will be encouraged to complete the Exit Interview Form.  The information received from each exit interview provides insight into the University’s work environment and the factors that may lead to an employee’s decision to leave the University.  Trends can be identified that may lead to changes in employment practices and the work environment.

The exit interview can be conducted face-to-face or by downloading the exit interview form located on the Department of Human Resources website https://www.jsums.edu/hr/pdfforms/ExitInterviewForm.pdf.  Return the completed exit interview form to the Department of Human Resources via fax (601)979-5856 or email to hrservices@jsums.edu.