2.3.2 Interviewing and Selection of Employees

The Division of Human Resources is responsible for the preliminary screening of the applicants.  The Division of Human Resources will determine whether an applicant has an appropriate skill, experience, or education to be forwarded to the hiring supervisor as an applicant for interviewing.  The hiring supervisor will evaluate an applicant's knowledge, skills, and abilities for the position, document these procedures, and apply it uniformly to all applicants.  Consideration will be given to qualified current JSU employee-applicants who meet the hiring criteria, but selection will be based on the best qualified candidate.
After interviewing candidates, the hiring supervisor will select and recommend the final candidate for the position.  No final offer is to be made until the Division of Human Resources completes its background check (in addition to any background investigations performed by a third party as required for certain positions).  See Section – 2.2.3 in regard to background checks.
Background checks conducted by the Division of Human Resources may consist of contacting previous employers (by phone and/or a reference form) to verify previous employment, and obtain any other information that the prior employer is willing to release.
An official transcript will be used to verify the educational level claimed by the applicant when education is a requirement of the position. 
Background check information obtained by the Division of Human Resources, shall be treated as confidential, and kept on file in the Division of Human Resources for a minimum of one year.