2.3.5 New Employee Relocation Policy


The University may at the discretion of the department head reimburse reasonable moving expenses for a newly hired faculty or staff member and/or family from their former residence to their new employment location at Jackson State University.  Departments requesting to reimburse moving expenses for new employees may pay full or partial expenses up to $5,000 provided the funds are available in their budget.  The allowable moving expenses should be referenced in the offer letter to the employee as well as reference to any expenses that are not normally reimbursed.  This policy is reserved for use in the recruitment of key administrative, faculty, and research positions.

General Policy Statements

  1. This policy applies to the relocation of all new employees outside a 50 mile radius of Jackson State University.  Any exception to this policy must be approved in advance by the Vice President of Academic Affairs for employees in academic units with the final approval by the President of the University; or by the Vice President for Business and Finance for employees in non-academic units with final approval by the President of the University.

  2. Jackson State University, at its discretion, may pay for certain costs directly related to relocation when a moving allowance is necessary for an individual to accept employment with the University. Moving allowances must be negotiated at the time of offering a position and included in the New Hire Offer Letter.

  3. Moving allowances are subject to the terms consistent with the provisions outlined in this policy.  If a moving allowance was not contained in the New Hire Offer Letter, a letter of justification must be prepared by the hiring department and signed by the President.

  4. Competitive bidding is not required if the moving expenses do not exceed $5,000.  However, a minimum of three (3) written estimates must be obtained by the new employee for moving expenses.   A written justification must be included, if the desired agent does not have the lowest estimate. Please contact Purchasing (601-979-0696) for additional information, including a request for an exception to the estimate requirement, if applicable.

  5. The new employee should secure a contract from a moving company for his or her own move.  The University will reimburse the employee up to the amount agreed to in the employment offer. The move itself is solely the responsibility of the new employee.  The contract for the move, along with any problems that may result from the move, is between the employee and the moving company. The University's only involvement is the reimbursement to the employee or payment to the vendor. The new employee must handle any and all other claims.

  6. Any amount exceeding $5,000 must be approved by the President of the University.

  7. No reimbursement can be authorized or agreed to after an offer of employment is accepted if the accepted offer did not specifically include such reimbursement.


1.  To request expense reimbursement,​

a.  Attach original itemized receipts to the Voucher for Travel Reimbursement Form.

b.  For additional assistance or information, please see the Travel Reimbursement Policy.

2.  Relocation reimbursements will be reported annually by the University to the IRS on a Form 1099 for payments made directly to the employee.

Reimbursable Expenses

3.  Relocation expenses which are reimbursable either directly to the individual and/or to an outside moving company may include, but are not limited to the following:

a.  For employees and their immediate family members traveling by air or other modes of transportation, based on the most economical transportation available for each member of the immediate family.

b.  For employees and their immediate family members traveling by automobile:  

i.  If an individual is required to begin University employment prior to the relocation of his/her immediate family, that employee may be allowed reimbursement for either (1) the cost of a round-trip airline ticket at the most economical airfare available, or (2) the costs of traveling by automobile as defined above in addition to relocation expenses for his/her family.

ii.  The cost of driving an automobile by the most direct route between the previous residence and the new permanent residence. Mileage is reimbursed at the current rate approved for University travel.  (See Section 25-3-41, Mississippi Code Ann. Of 1972 and the Department of Purchasing and Travel at 601-979-0696)

c.  Lodging and meal expenses (meals will be taxable):  actual reasonable expenses for room, meal and tax using the most direct route between the previous residence and the new permanent residence.  Expenses must be substantiated with detailed payment receipts.

d.  The cost of moving household goods.

e.  The cost of insurance for household goods during the move, not to exceed the full replacement value.

f.  Packing of household goods and appliances, including appliance disconnect and hookups if a vendor is needed.

Other Provisions

  1. The employee is responsible for his/her individual and family expenses after arriving at the principal site of employment.
  2. All relocation reimbursements will be reported on the employee's W2.