2.4.4 Outside Employment

Outside employment is permitted for staff employees, provided permission is first obtained and it is determined that such outside employment will not interfere in any way with the institutional duties of the individual requesting such permission.
Staff members desiring to engage in outside employment or practice of profession should complete an application available in the Division of Human Resources and submit to their department chair/supervisor and forward through administrative channels to their Dean or Vice President/Provost.  Permission must also be obtained from the President.  A copy of the completed Outside Employment form will be forwarded to and kept on file in the Division of Human Resources.  Employees wishing to engage in outside employment must complete a new form each year.
Any outside employment must also not create an actual or reasonable perception of a conflict of interest.  In addition, these individuals will not engage in a business or profession that would in any manner compete with a similar business or profession over which they would have direct supervision, inspection, or purchasing authority within the University, such being a conflict of interest.  A violation of the outside employment policy is grounds for negative employment action.