2.6.2 New Position Evaluation and Job Descriptions

All new positions must contain a job description, which must be reviewed and approved through the Division of Human Resources.
Accurate documentation outlining the responsibilities of each distinctly different job is required in order to properly administer compensation.  A job description is required for all positions and should be reviewed at least annually.  All employees should be given a copy of their job description. 
The job description should communicate job expectations and serve as the basis for measuring employee performance; describe the job responsibilities, required skills, and required education levels for prospective incumbents in the job; and serve as a tool to comply with government regulations and laws.
To create a new or fill an open position, the hiring manager will need to complete a Job Description Form and submit to Human Resources for review along with the Job Requisition Form.  Job descriptions are also required when reclassifying a position by virtue of increased job assignments.