2.6.3 Wage and Salary Classification System

An individual may be reclassified to a higher position by virtue of increased job assignments, motivation, initiative, and abilities.  Reclassifications may be granted to employees who become accountable for significantly more complex projects, assignments, and responsibilities within their current job titles.
Employees must meet all of the following criteria:
  1. The employee is regularly performing significantly more complex projects and assignments, as well as responsibilities of the job that meet distinct organizational needs.
  2. The employee has demonstrated that he or she has attained a significantly higher level of knowledge and skills that are specific to his or her job description.
  3. The employee’s most recent performance review reflects satisfactory performance.
  4. There is confirmation that funds have been identified and authorized by the employee’s manager to support the salary increase.
Note:  The approved salary increase cannot exceed the career ladder/level maximum for the position and consideration should be given to other employees in comparable positions and in the department.