2.7.1 Promotion

A promotion is a change in classification and career ladder/level.  Factors to consider in determining an individual’s salary as a result of a promotion include experience in the position, relevant education beyond that required by the position, mastery of job elements, size, and complexity of the unit, authority delegated to the position, and recent major contributions or successes. 
Seniority may be considered when filling positions with current employees, but no seniority preference should be given if a more qualified individual is available.  Employees should inform their immediate supervisor of their interest in being considered as an applicant for a position(s) of advancement in a particular area.  Employees should also submit a written letter of interest to the Division of Human Resources. 
When an employee is promoted to another position, he or she is not required to serve a probationary period in the new position.  However, if the employee later requests to be reinstated to his or her former position, the employee has no entitlement or right to return to the former position.