2.7.2 Transfers

Transfers are an important means of assuring the best possible match of University jobs to individual skills; of developing and expanding individual skills and experience; and of achieving University goals of equal employment opportunity and promotion from within. 
Administrators, deans, directors, managers and supervisors are expected to create and foster an environment that supports and rewards the pursuit of career mobility and to encourage staff members who express an interest to pursue appropriate vacancies.  A discussion between an employee and his or her supervisor regarding career development is encouraged prior to an employee pursuing another opportunity. 
The knowledge of a staff member’s pursuit of a transfer should not in any way negatively affect his or her current standing, treatment, or other conditions of the present position. 
To be eligible for a transfer, an applicant must:
  1. Have completed the probationary period for the position currently held that is classified as a full-time or part-time permanent position;
  2. Have received at least a satisfactory overall rating on the most recent performance evaluation and be in good standing with the University; and
  3. Meet each of the minimum requirements for the posted vacancy.
Exceptions to the transfer policy must have approval from the Division of Human Resources.
For more information regarding the obligations and procedures involved in transfers, please contact the Division of Human Resources to obtain a copy of the University’s Transfer Policy.