2.8.1 Evaluation of Non-Instructional Staff Employees

The Performance Evaluation is a continuing process in which both the supervisor and employee participate.  Supervisors of non-instructional employees will be required to appraise the job performance of each staff member annually using the following timeline:
At the end of the first six (6) months of employment for:
  1. Probationary non-instructional personnel (newly hired employees).
  2. Staff employees who have been transferred or promoted to a new position or to another organizational unit of the University.
Performance Evaluations are conducted annually (July 1 through May 30) for regular non-instructional employees.  Supervisors will meet with each non-instructional employee and complete performance evaluations for part-time, temporary, and regular employees.  The meeting shall give the employee the opportunity to respond to the supervisor's ratings of his/her performances as well as offer a personal analysis of his/her performance for the year or the time period for which he/she is being evaluated.  The rating will be assessed by the immediate supervisor using the Comprehensive Performance Evaluation Form authorized by the University.
After the Comprehensive Performance Evaluation Form has been completed and signed by the immediate supervisor and the non-instructional employee being rated, the original copy should be forwarded to the Division of Human Resources, a copy retained for the employee's department file, and a copy provided to the employee.  Copies of the completed appraisal forms should be kept on file for a minimum of three years by department heads for their use as needed in making human resources management decisions.
An employee's signature on the form does not imply that he/she is in total agreement with the supervisor's ratings.  It is merely a confirmation that the appraisal interview has taken place.  An employee may attach any comments to the Comprehensive Performance Evaluation Form at any reasonable time.
Employees are invited to initiate interim evaluations with the supervisor.  These evaluations will enable the employee to discuss the various aspects of the job and provide the opportunity to analyze problems encountered and allow the employee to ask questions concerning his/her role in the position.  Supervisors will provide ongoing coaching to employees. 
Individuals with dual roles such as faculty and program administration must be evaluated separately from their faculty evaluation for their non-instructional performance.  Such evaluation must occur at least annually and must be submitted to the Division of Human Resources for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file.