3.5.1 Personal Leave with Pay

Personal leave may be used for vacation and personal business and shall be used for illness of the employee requiring absences of one day or less.  Personal leave shall also be used for the first eight hours of an employee's illness requiring absence of more than a day.  The rules of personal leave apply to all 12-month employees and staff personnel.
Personal leave will be credited to the employee’s leave record after completion of each month’s service and is then available for use in the following month.  Employees who begin work on or before the 15th of the month will receive credit for a full month.  Employees beginning work after the 15th of the month will earn credit beginning on the first of the next month.  An employee’s personal leave balance is reflected on his or her monthly pay record. 
Employees are allowed credit for personal leave computed based on continuous service at the following monthly and annual rates:

Continuous Service

Accrual Rate


Accrual Rate


1 month to 3 years

12 hours

18 days

37 months to 8 years

14 hours

21 days

97 months to 15 years

16 hours

24 days

Over 15 years

18 hours

27 days

  1. There is no limit to the accumulation of earned personal leave.
  2. Upon termination of employment, each employee shall be paid for unused personal leave not to exceed 30 days.
  3. Unused personal leave in excess of 30 days shall be counted as creditable service for purposes of the retirement system.
  4. Should an employee die having accumulated personal leave credit, the wages and salary for the total unused personal leave time (not to exceed 30 days per Miss. Code Ann. § 25-3-93) shall be paid to the estate of the employee.
  5. Temporary and/or part-time employees who work less than a full work-week shall be allowed credit for personal leave computed on a pro rata basis.
  6. Employees, who terminate their services at the University and immediately become employed at another state agency, may transfer accumulated personal leave to the employing agency.